LM signs 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge

The 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge brings together fashion brands that are on a mission to change the industry. "We recognize fashion’s significant contribution to climate change, toxic waterways an...

LA MILLA and Wolf & Badger

LA MILLA started cooperating with Wolf & Badger, an award winning, multi channel retailer, committed to promoting independent and sustainable brands

Press: Startup Lessons

"The sustainability adage, often enough, can feel like empty marketing. Consumers want environmentally conscious products, but tracking a company’s real to commitment to that goal can often be diff...

Reduce your fashion environmental impact in 3 steps!

The two biggest crimes of the fashion industry are mass production followed by low quality. What should customers do in order to reduce the environmental and social costs of fast fashion? Buy bet...

Press: Italy’s Newest Sustainable Brand

"While many fashion brands refused to revisit or even reverse their harmful practices, other entrepreneurs and brand owners decided to take the matter into their own hands" - writes Linda Mohamed f...

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