Once we launched LA MILLA, we promised to plant Trees for three main reasons: 

  • For every sold product. Currently we are planting at least 5 Trees per product.
  • To celebrate important milestones of our company.
  • To offset our direct carbon dioxide emissions from transportation.

Today we want to announce that while launching the company, we donated to Eden Reforestation Projects, which allowed them to plant 1 100 Trees Worldwide. 


LA MILLA decided to plant 1 000 Trees to celebrate a successful business launch.

Giving back to Nature is in our company's DNA. In LA MILLA we truly believe that this is what we should do. We believe, that this is what every business should do in its own way. And we truly believe that this is what our customers will appreciate

We want to make it clear, that in LA MILLA we take the environmental aspects seriously. Besides, we just love the idea of Planting Trees and Saving Lives!


As promised, we plant even more trees to offset our direct carbon dioxide emissions from transportation.

We planted 100 Trees which should reward to the Nature all our business travels. Again, we think that it is fair to the Nature and it is what we should do. LA MILLA is an ECO company and this is our obligation. 

By buying our products you really help us Making This World Green Again! For us, for our kids and all the future generations. Thank You!

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  • Fingers crossed for this business 🤞🏼💚

    lena on

  • This is what all brands should do ..

    Anna on

  • Great going!!!! All the best!!

    Cyril on

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