Being mom changed everything!

Information about Global Warming were all over the news in the early 2019. For me, a mom of two, all those projections were somehow frightening.. I was worried about my children's future.. Will they be able to enjoy a walk outdoors and breath the fresh air in when they get to my age? Could they enjoy the seaside without plastic scattered around everywhere? These and more questions were roaming in my head..

Natalia Wegrzyn Kalali LA MILLA CEO and Founder

At the same time, after three years of maternity leave, I was planning to go back to work. After first few interviews I immediately understood, that companies are afraid of hiring moms with young children... They often asked me about kids. They wanted to know how I plan to manage them while working. Those were not the kind of questions which an MBA graduate wants to hear during an interview.

In the meantime I decided to upgrade my skills. I took a few online courses taught by universities in US and Canada. The objective of one of those courses was to develop an app. Once enrolled I learned that I needed to develop my own business idea too. This was truly a groundbreaking moment for my career. From that moment on, I was so much involved in thinking about my own business perspectives, that I ended up dropping out of the course. I did not look for a job anymore.. It became clear to me, that my goal was to open my very own, eco-friendly company! 

Why ECO?

ECO has been my first thought and the main area of interest. I knew that our Planet needs more ECO solutions and that People need more alternatives. I was already significantly reducing the amount of plastic used at home, buying mostly ECO food, reducing meat consumption, often choosing organic, cotton clothes for my little ones. What I was missing at that time were organic clothes for myself!

I guess I do not have to explain that being based in Milan is very helpful to start a fashion company. People with great experience and amazing knowledge about the clothing industry live just right here! Believe me, the magic happens in Milan!


Starting the business, I had discovered a few challenges on the way.. The first and the biggest one was to find suppliers of truly ECO materials. The second biggest one was to create genuinely eco-friendly company as a whole and make all of that happen without taking shortcuts.

I had to make sure that we create 'the world's most comfortable, casual clothes for women'. Our products together with the company's mission had to be unique and had to provide our customers with additional value.

The story of LA MILLA doesn't end here. It's only the beginning.. But I promise, that we will always be looking for Better Solutions - in every aspect of our business!


CEO and Founder
Natalia Wegrzyn-Kalali
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