The 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge brings together fashion brands that are on a mission to change the industry.

"We recognize fashion’s significant contribution to climate change, toxic waterways and ocean pollutants, land use, and more. We know that the culture of low-cost, short-lasting clothing is contributing to tremendous waste all along the supply chain – and in consumers’ closets. We are here to change that." - this text has been written in the document signed by LA MILLA and 100 other brands.

"We are collectively committing to address the U.N. Sustainable Develop Goal (SDG) 12.5, to substantially reduce waste generation by 2030."

Each brand signatory has committed to taking specific actions in 2020 to lead the industry toward a more circular model:


Some brands have committed to launch at least one method or partnership to enable customers to send-back or resell their used items.

Why is this important? Providing options to resale, upcycle, repair, donate, or recycle items gives them new life and keeps them out of landfills.


Some brands have committed to increase the total percentage of certified recycled content or scrap fabric in top selling items.

Why is this important? Producing garments using recycled content spurs growth in the recycling market and keeps items out of landfills.


Some brands have committed to increase the use of non-blended materials, and/or modularity and repairability in top selling items.

Why is this important? Designing items so they can be repaired, upcycled, or recycled ensures that those items and materials stay in circulation.

LA MILLA was always committed to use only natural and fully ecological textiles that come from proven sources. Until now LM uses only 100% organic and GOTS certified cotton - non-blended material which is perfect for recycling (read more about our ECO products). By signing the pledge we committed ourselves to continue the journey of producing sustainable clothing form ecological and non-blended materials as well as to work on solutions that will enable to take back or resale our items.

Last but not least, remember that LA MILLA plants 5 TREES for every sold item. Read more about our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

If you want to learn more about 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge go to our partner's page:


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