Eco cotton. LA MILLA - Only Ethical and Sustainable ECO Fair Fashion

Only Ethical and Sustainable ECO Fair Fashion


LA MILLA’s ethical products are and will always remain the core of our digitally native ECO business. We design them always thinking about our clients and their needs. We create our sustainable garments with respect to the Planet and People. But we know that it is not enough. 

In LA MILLA we are very committed to the responsible design of the entirety of the business processes, starting from packaging and logistics, through a careful selection of our business partners, to the overall business transparency.

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The boxes we use to ship our ethical garments are made of high quality, recycled paper. Additionally, LA MILLA also uses eco-friendly tapes, paper and other packaging tools.

Cooperating closely with our business partners we are happy to know, that most of them use ECO packaging as well. Those who do not, are very committed to improve their approach.

LA MILLA also has created a sustainable way of receiving the final products from production facilities. We pack them in reusable eco-friendly boxes, where they wait to be shipped to their destinations. We reuse those boxes in the following cycles. 

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The only way to acquire LA MILLA's ethical ECO products is through our website. All the products are sent directly to our customers. The entire process is done through professional and reliable network of delivery companies, which focus on efficient deliveries and reduction of their overall CO2 emissions. 

Furthermore, LA MILLA has created a sustainable policy of planting trees in the exchange of each sold product! We aim to offset a major part of carbon dioxide emissions created by the production and delivery of our merchandise.

Moreover, we use technical algorithms to calculate our direct CO2 emissions from transportation. We offset them by planting even more trees worldwide. We will strive to keep you updated on the number of the planted trees!

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We believe that transparency in ECO Business is LA MILLA's obligation and responsibility.

We want to keep our customers aware of how we create our ethical ECO products. We want to let you know with whom and why we cooperate. Through our website, blog and social media channels, we intend to share the updates on our newest collections, team involvement, sustainable projects and everything else we think is important in the production of our ethical merchandise.

LA MILLA’s ultimate goal is to inspire other companies to share our ethical and ECO business approach. We want to show that honest, extreme and transparent corporate communication works well. Adapting this specific business style motivates us to look for the finest solutions to better serve our People and our Planet. 

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LA MILLA wants to make a significant change in how business operates and how people see business. Ethical and ECO focus and maximum transparency help a lot, however we are strongly convinced that we can do even more than that.

Through different channels our company will inform you about interesting ECO initiatives in Milan and worldwide. We aim to inspire and to motivate to make a change. We believe that every small action makes a big difference. Follow us on Social Media to learn more! 


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