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Only Ethical and Sustainable ECO Fair Fashion


The story of every product starts with its design.. Our ethical garments are designed to be SMART CASUAL, COMFORTABLE and ECO.

All models are made from the best quality ECO materials and with highest sewing standards. They also come in essential, earthly tones, and offer a great, smart fit with a feeling of comfort due to their excellent modelling and voluminous shapes.

In a few words - LA MILLA's ethical clothes are designed to feel natural and last long! This helps to reduce overall carbon footprint of the fashion industry. 

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We are committed to use only natural and truly ecological textiles that come from proven sources.

Our first collection is entirely made out of 100% organic, GOTS certified Turkish cotton

GOTS certification ensures organic status of textiles, beginning with harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, to labelling. 

Do you want to know more about GOTS certification's criteria? Check here!

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Buying our ethical garments you can be sure that not only textiles, but all the other materials used in production are ECO.

We use only cotton sewing threads and labels. All our zippers are made of organic cotton tapes and metal elements.

Additionally, our natural buttons that are made from mother of pearl or corozo nuts ensure stylish and sustainable finishing.

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Natural textiles are a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin. 

Organic cotton - used as LA MILLA’s primary textile for garment composition is known to cause less allergic reactions or other skin related issues such as rashes or abrasions, than other, non-organic materials. 

Natural fibers help your skin breath freely, ensuring comfort and freshness throughout the day. Moreover, GOTS certified fibers do not contain hazardous chemicals used in harvesting, production and dying processes.

Your skin will love you for loving it!

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LA MILLA is fully committed to use ZERO PLASTIC and ZERO SYNTHETICS in its ethical and sustainable products.

This approach helps LA MILLA meet the highest ECO standards and keep our oceans free of microfibers, which usually are released in millions during standard laundry procedures.  

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Even though our garments are designed to last long, we know that at some point they may get damaged in a way that makes them impossible to wear.

Using 100% natural, free of synthetics and homogeneous textiles makes them much easier to recycle.

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Being a sustainable company, LA MILLA needs to have a plan for the garments that cannot be recycled anymore and will end in a landfill. 

The truth is that most fabrics will biodegrade, but the time it takes makes a huge difference to the ecosystem.

Our environmentally friendly, GOTS certified and free of synthetics fabrics are easily biodegradable. Even after your initial choice of LA MILLA’s products, your actions still contribute to minimize the negative impact on the environment.


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