Duomo Milan cathedral. LA MILLA - Ethical and Sustainable ECO Fair Fashion

Only Ethical and Sustainable ECO Fair Fashion


LA MILLA was born in Milan. All our sustainable & ECO designs come from here as well.


LA MILLA’s main inspiration are the strong women we meet every day. They work hard, take care of their families and always deliver their best throughout the busy schedule of their daily activitiesEven when they get tired, they still find time and energy to stop for a short chat, quick coffee or just an exchange of smiles. They aspire to look beautiful and feel comfortable conquering their busy and grueling days. They inspire and influence us!

The City of Milan delivers many inspirations as well. Beautiful places, historic but also modern architecture, culture, lifestyle and multinational environment. We draw incredible amounts of positive energy from this vibrant city!


With the highest quality of work and amazing enthusiasm for fashion, Italy offers the greatest experience of crafting and production of the perfect outfit for the modern woman. 

LA MILLA’s ethical and sustainable ECO garments are produced locally, around 40 kilometres from Milan, in an enchanting city of Seriate. This small, quiet and charming town is the home of many highly qualified seamstresses. We are happy to create jobs locally and feel very honored to collaborate with those amazing craftsmen.

Lastly, by staying closely in touch with our suppliers we can ensure safe working conditions, legal employment, fair pay and no child labour. We care about our local people too!


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