Payment methods for shopping at LA MILLA:

1. Credit Cards

LA MILLA accepts payments made with Credit Cards listed below:

  • VISA (also Debit Card),
  • Mastercard (also Debit Card),
  • Maestro,
  • American Express (also Debit Card).

All the payments made by those Credit Cards are operated by Shopify Payments - the credit card processing system.

Shopify Payments keeps payment information safe:

  • 3D Secure checkouts,
  • PCI-compliant servers,
  • Payment data encryption.

2. Accelerated Checkouts

LA MILLA accepts payments made with Accelerated Checkouts listed below:

  • Google Pay,
  • Apple Pay,
  • Shopify Pay.

It makes your transactions even more quick and simple.

3. PayPal 

If you have a PayPal account, your shopping experience can be even simpler. You can use PayPal Express Checkout for your shopping with LA MILLA. 

PayPal allows payment through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit, or PayPal account balances.

4. Direct Bank Transfer

You can also use more traditional payment method while shopping at LA MILLA. 

After choosing "Direct Bank Transfer" and clicking "Complete order", we will provide LA MILLA's Bank Account details to complete your purchase.

Once we receive the transfer we will ship your parcel as soon as possible!

In the payment title indicate always the Number of your Order.

Please note that we are not responsible for payments sent to the wrong Bank Account. 

Please remember as well that no parcels will be sent till we receive the right amount of money to LA MILLA's indicated Bank Account.

5. Fraud Prevention

Every time you pay for your shopping at LA MILLA by Credit Card, Shopify Payments run two additional fraud analysis:

  • Address Verification System (AVS);
  • Card Verification Value (CVV).

It helps to keep your transactions secure.

6. Euro

Please notice that LA MILLA's store currency is Euro (EUR).

All the products sold by LA MILLA DI NATALIA WEGRZYN KALALI, the company based in Italy (eurozone), accepts payments only in Euro.


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